Why you should choose the Magento e-commerce solution

Magento is a great advantage when it comes to e-commerce if your website’s retail business is struggling to control costs because Magento is an open source solution used for e-commerce applications. Yes, the large retail websites use this system that was previously owned by the Varien company, but if you are a small player trying to compete against the big boys, then every penny you save counts in the long term. Because of this site even an important eBay auction recognizes the usefulness of being associated with Magento (eBay has already bought 100% ownership of Magento). So maybe you should too.

There is more to e-commerce than just the boring financial data that makes your eyes glaze. A website dedicated to e-commerce wants to know what their customers think and Magento can do it through its Magento mobile service. With Magento Mobile, your business will be able to develop your own applications that can work hand in hand with your online retail operations. So what does that mean? This means that these native applications can help your customers get a better online e-commerce experience while getting more data on what customers buy and what is ignored. You can create retail business applications that will run on Android devices, as well as iPads and iPhones. This is a great advantage if you want to shave losing products and stick to products that you know your customers are willing to pay.

With the Magento Mobile service, your new applications can help your retail business to become a well-known and well-liked trademark. The development of a stable brand is how retailers survive a world of throat-cut e-commerce so that the retailer with the strongest brand remembered in the minds of customers is generally the one who will win. If you want to win with Magento, try contacting “HK Web Services” today.

We develop solutions that ignite your business.

We can help you adapt Magento Mobile to your business, even if you have to implement your applications on various device platforms. With “HK Web Services” on your side, adapting to Magento e-commerce solutions will be easier, and you can always ask us to explain any aspect of the Magento system that can be confusing for a non-developer. You provide retail experience and we provide the knowledge and skills of

Techie Together we can make your retail business survive and thrive where others are bound to fail.



Reasons to adopt Ubercart's e-commerce solution for your business

If you have an e-commerce site, you may be looking for a great e-commerce software solution that can help make sales generation and data management easier. Would you consider Ubercart? Ubercart is used by e-commerce companies for virtually anything required to boost the business while improving efficiency. It is open source so you do not need to pay royalties and licenses, but it still offers great features, however. “HK Web Services” can help you learn how to optimize Ubercart for your business.

Why is Ubercart the right e-commerce solution for your online business? First, it allows you to assign products to the correct catalogs based on size so that customers know what you are offering and in what sizes for that price range. Second, it allows you to sell virtual items that are now popular in the online community. Third, if you are offering software, videos or music for sale to the public, they can use your products as file downloads because you have Ubercart. Fourth, you can offer event logs for purchase by your customers. Fifth, if your website is open to its special members, only then will Ubercart allow you to offer access to the site for purchase – including the automatic renewal option and let the user’s access expire when necessary. You can even sell your products on several sites if necessary. These are all the advantages when you are in an online business because in e-commerce ease of use and offer the right functionality all affect the level of sales that your business can generate. The survival of your business depends on it.

Ubercart is also excellent to use because you can often have different ideas on how your e-commerce transactions should go. This means that you may have to do a great deal of trial and error before you consider your site to be perfect. Ubercart was designed for these repetitive actions so this can help your business improve as you try new ideas. Ultimately, you will find a configuration that is perfect and that you can settle for but in case you want to change again in the future, Ubercart will adapt to your new decisions as well.

Why is Ubercart the right e-commerce solution for your online business?


Interestingly, if you are switching from an old website to a more updated website, then Ubercart has the XML import / export function. You can rely on this feature to easily move your customers, orders, products and attributes to your new website or vice versa. If you need help with the other features of Ubercart, you can always rely on “HK Web Services” to guide you.



Why PrestaShop can capture the attention of e-commerce businesses

The main reason why PrestaShop can be an attractive e-commerce business solution is that it is an open source system. If you are an online business owner you naturally want to get a business solution that is as low as possible so that your overhead does not overwhelm. With an open source solution like PrestaShop, you don’t need to pay anything to get it, which is a blessing, especially if every penny saved counts. “HK Web Services” knows PrestaShop and we can contribute to its survival in electronic commerce.

If you are currently using some other e-commerce solution, but are interested in trying PrestaShop, you can always migrate easily (as many other e-commerce merchants have done before you). The good thing about migrating is that your valuable customer and your sales data will remain intact until you have completed the transition. Data such as customers, catalog content, orders, payments, shipping details, preferences and business statistics will be transferred to PrestaShop without losing data along the way. No matter what e-commerce solution your current PrestaShop store is currently using, it can accommodate your business information.

An advantage with moving to PrestaShop is that you win simplified Back Office solutions along with a number of new features. We all know that your Back Office transactions are as valuable as your Front Office activities, so ideally, both will be well managed with your current e-commerce solution. If you are not happy with how your Back Office is managed right now, you can always switch to PrestaShop for a better experience.

Because PrestaShop is easy to learn and use, you can save daily hours that would have gone after your different e-commerce responsibilities. The time saved means the time you can devote to other business needs, such as meeting with your sales force to find out how you can best serve your customers or checking the inventory to find out which products move quickly. You may even be able to use those extra hours that come with new products or services that you can offer to make your online business more competitive and profitable.

Because PrestaShop is an open source solution, it is supported by a growing community of users who want to share their knowledge and discoveries about e-commerce in general and PrestaShop in particular.

Develop your e-commerce website using PrestaShop

You can take advantage of this wealth of experience while getting help from “HK Web Services” to help you apply PrestaShop features and make selling a goal much easier.



Why CS-Cart is called a shopping cart solution for any e-commerce business

CS-Cart is called a shopping cart solution rather than simply an e-commerce solution, since the goal of CS-Cart engineers is to promote the customer’s shopping experience. Therefore, by calling it a shopping cart solution, CS-Cart engineers want their business to be known for having the right products and services to sell that customers really want. CS-Cart is offered as an open source system, which means you have the added freedom to customize the source code as your business requires if that is what you need. At the same time, the CS-Cart store that you have set up can be adjusted and designed for you by the people of CS-Cart for a certain fee. (Take note, “HK Web Services” can help you with programming the source code if encryption is not your strength).

One of the main benefits of registering with CS-Cart is that you get updated and correct shipping information through the manual shipping features of your shopping cart software. CS-Cart can be used with real-time information from reliable carriers, including DHL, Australia post, Canada Post, USPS, and FedEx. This way you minimize customer complaints about lost shipments or inaccurate shipping quotes that translate into more customer satisfaction.

At the same time, you can also control the flow and access to confidential information within your own e-commerce business. Do you want some employees to exit the loop? No problem, this is feasible. Do you want to limit access to data that only you should see? Yes, this is also possible with the CS-Cart software. For security reasons, you will need a server set for SSL and have the correct certificate installed.

Despite this emphasis on the accuracy of the data and the sticking to the correct security features, CS-Cart will allow you to obtain great SEO benefits such as the development of dynamic URLs based on static URLs. You also have the option of putting keywords and meta tags within your online store pages. This will help your customers get news about your company and anything you want to sell to the public.

Business website development with our CS cart development

Despite the open source nature of this shopping cart software, you may be hesitant to migrate to it because you are not strong in the programming code or have more industry experience than you are. Don’t worry just contact “HK Web Services” so we can take steps to do what it takes to make your business adapt to the CS-Cart solution today.



How Virtuemart differs from other open source e-commerce solutions


If you have heard about VirtueMart before you probably already know that it is an e-commerce solution available as an open source system for interested online users. However, what you may not have known is that it is actually meant to be used with the Joomla! Content management system. The two are intended to be used together because both are based on PHP programming that makes them adaptable for use within a PHP / MySQL environment. VirtueMart’s other claim to fame is that more e-commerce websites trust it compared to popular e-commerce solutions such as OpenCart, PrestaShop, an osCommerce. If you want help migrating to the Virtuemart system, you can always ask “HK Web Services” for your input.

To migrate to Virtuemart you need at least Joomla! 1.5 version, PHP version 5.2 and version 5.3, and of course MySQL 5. Virtuemart has more than 500 functions that can make your online business stronger and more active by helping you generate more sales. Virtuemart offers modules, templates, components and plugins that you can use for your VirtueMart store. Because Virtuemart works for the hand in glove with Joomla! You can use the Joomla! plugins for coupons, payments, shipments, computer procedures and even custom product fields.

Virtuemart will adapt to your SEO requirements by providing necessary meta tags, nested categories and providing the correct description, in addition to various media. Product descriptions can be short or long and will give the correct dimensions of the size and weight of the product being sold. Related products will also be offered, as well as ratings and reviews that may influence the purchase decision of its customers. Naturally, price is a very important consideration for your shopping audience, so it is also provided with prices, price display, payments and shipments based on groups of buyers. Interestingly, Virtuemart can help you calculate the correct payment based on the currency that your client prefers to use.

Of course, no e-commerce solution would be worth acquiring if it did not help you keep track of your product inventory. Virtuemart can help you monitor stocks or inventory, alert you when stocks are running low, and even give data on virtual stock (which are products that were ordered but remain with you because the customer did not buy them).

Virtuemart offers components and module plugins that you can use for your store

All of these features are important, but they could be a bit overwhelming to apply to your business. If you think you need a more experienced hand to guide you, then consider hiring “HK Web Services” to make the path easier for you.



Why BigCommerce can help your e-commerce website survive competition


When you choose to use a BigCommerce store, you get some features that will help you in the world of electronic commerce. For example, your online store will look attractive to any demographic, since BigCommerce offers a range of store themes that you can choose between and the HTML / CSS-based interface that can be customized as you wish. BigCommerce can make your e-commerce marketing campaign stronger by offering you the necessary marketing tools (such as newsletters, coupons and promotional campaigns). Because your store will initially be designed for better search engine rankings, you may be pleased to find that you get higher rankings after switching to BigCommerce. Another great aspect is that you will not have to pay for hidden charges, even when you are given access to multiple features that will help in e-commerce.

With other e-commerce solutions, you are really on your own as you try to learn how to apply your features to your business. BigCommerce offers you a special team of experts called the “Success Squad” that can help you with this. In addition, you also have the option of hiring “HK Web Services” to accelerate adaptation to BigCommerce.

 With the BigCommerce system, you can literally sell anything you want through your online store, but still be able to raise sales to the right target market. You can choose the right business plan for your e-commerce needs, ranging from bronze, silver, gold, platinum to diamond. Each plan will charge a monthly fee of $ 24.95 per month for the bronze plan and a maximum of $ 299.95 per month for the Diamond Plan. Keep in mind that there are no transaction fees that will give you an unpleasant surprise, plus you can always check the service for a free 15-day trial period. When you decide to make the big change to BigCommerce, make sure you have the right credit cards ready to pay for your plan (the acceptable cards are JCB, American Express, MasterCard and Visa). You will not have to sign a contract because you will only be charged for the month – this gives you the freedom to end the service at any time you want.

BigCommerce gives you the freedom to end the service at any time you want.

Before launching your store, after you have launched your store, as you trade your products and services, and while experiencing an increase in sales – you have the “Success Squad” and “HK Web Services” watching your back for The business does not hesitate.