Hk Web Services Professional technological assistance

Hk Web Services Professional technological assistance

Hk Web Services Professional technological assistance Hk Web Services Professional technological assistance Hk Web Services Professional technological assistance

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We offer the best at very competitive market prices!


HK Web Services is a recognized mobile application development company and the best IT software solution provider based in Hong Kong, founded in 2012. We operate mainly in USA, UK, UAE and South America.


Our company HK Web Services is recognized for producing the most innovative and practical mobile applications and websites on the market. We offer a wide range of personalized services in mobile applications, website development, AR-VR development, game development, blockchain development and much more. Our team of experts and products are designed to grow your business. We believe in providing excellent services while still maintaining high quality.




About US


Technical experience


We are experts in a variety of operating systems, networks and databases. We work with almost all technologies. We use our experience to help our customers with small and medium-sized projects.


High ROI


Do you spend most of your IT budget to maintain your current system? Many companies realize that constant maintenance is too much in their budget. By giving us the management, you can focus on what you do best, manage your business.


Satisfaction guaranteed


The world of technology can be accelerated and frightening. This is why our goal is to provide an experience suited to your company’s needs. Regardless of the budget, we pride ourselves on offering professional customer service. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work.


Customer-centered development

We create the best web, mobile and blockchain solutions for our customers based on their business needs.

Quality of delivery

We believe in providing quality products to our customers, we carry out all the specifications of the project at the best competitive price in the sector.

Technical team

During the design and development phases, our technical team will always be available to provide suggestions and editions to provide your product in the best possible way.

Dedicated development team


We assign a dedicated and profitable team to all our projects that not only guarantee quality, but also provide excellent support and satisfaction to our valued customers. 

Excellent support

 We are always there to help our customers in every possible way and at every stage of the project. Our technical team works hard to ensure that the final product meets customer expectations.

Data protection

 By signing NDA, our company guarantees maximum security of all your private data. We deliver products to our customers with quality while always maintaining confidentiality.



Start your business

 We will help you if you have an interesting idea and want to see if progress towards your future can be. We give anyone the opportunity to start their own company.


Small and medium-sized companies

 If you are a small or medium-sized company that wants to increase its commercial impact thanks to the use and all the implementations of new technological methods.


Consolidated companies

 If you are already a consolidated company but you need a reliable partner capable of carrying out your work, we give you the peace of mind that the name of your company will remain impeccable.


1. Consulting


Consulting is the first and most important part of our mobile application development process. 

2. UI / UX design


We create attractive designs with the help of the latest design tools.


3. The prototype


 After the design, the prototype of your application is prepared and sent for its development at that time.

4. Application Development


The development starts on the platforms you prefer with total transparency.

5. We assure Quality


We do not compromise quality, so we make sure you get a 100% application without errors.

6. Deployment and Support


Your application will be ready to appear in the App store or Play store at this stage of development.

We support and respond to each query after implementation.

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 Whatsapp is recommended if you want an immediate contact or to request information from our sales department

 Our Whatsapp Number: +19029053509 


Facebook Messenger


 24h support and immediate response. use Messenger to have an instant reply. 

Useful for talking to the sales department and requesting information





 Skype is used by our technical and customer support department.