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The Roku player or Roku streaming Device or simply Roku is a chain of digital media players that have been produced by Roku Inc., it is a small device that connects to your TV with appropriate input connections through your home wireless network and transmits All digital content and data. You need to connect audio, video or both cables to an HDMI port to get the best output. Once you are connected to the wireless network, your Roku Player will be linked to a free Roku account you make. This simple process will give you direct access to the growing library of Roku channels and games in the Roku channel store.

There are many ways to enjoy your Roku. You can browse the Roku channel store and get your favorite movies, music and games or if you have a Netflix subscription you simply log in to Netflix on Roku, sit back and enjoy. So three simple things we can say for Roku:

1) Minutes to configure and connect. 2) streaming in no time. 3) easy to use.

So after giving you a good report on the Roku, we would like to explain about some frequently asked questions.

For what year?

There are some advantages that Roku must choose among competitors.

1) Easy to use

Roku players are very easy to set up, connect and stream, everything you want to have when buying any streaming player. Roku Players provides a menu and interface that is very simple to understand and easy to operate. The selection of growing channels and games is so easy that everyone can operate in the same way.

2) Energy efficiency

Roku player is enormously energy efficient, since it is never necessary to turn off the player to save energy, so a power button is not needed. He himself knows when to go in energy efficient mode and is always ready to use. The best part is that your Roku player always keeps up to date with all the latest updates automatically. Isn’t it great?

3) High portability

They have designed the Roku player in a way that you can take it anywhere you want very easily and comfortably. You just have to take care of some things to make it work perfectly during your trip. Take note that your network and Internet conditions may change during the trip.

Roku travel checklist

# Will there be enough internet broadband speed?

# Web browser authentication for the Internet will not be required there?

# Does your TV have input available?

# I will not leave the country.

If the answer is “yes” to all of the above, then you can happily take your Roku with you during your trip. It will work perfectly and you can enjoy your favorite shows at any time.

Build the future of applications in a way that leads to success.

Roku is indeed an efficient device and a wise choice for its digital transmission media. We at “HK Web Services” create perfect applications for Roku media player that can work very well on your Roku and is very personalized as far as entertainment is concerned. Do not hesitate to contact us to enjoy our wonderful services.



Do you want to create something better in class and unique among competitors?


Chromecast is a digital media player and a Microconsola developed by Google. This device for a change is not a decoder, but it is a 2.83-inch HDMI dongle that plays audio / video content on an HD TV or any other HD screen that can be transmitted directly over a wireless connection. Users choose the means to play using mobile applications and web applications that support Chrome’s Cast technology.

Chromecast celebrates its first birthday in July 2014 and if we look back, it certainly had a great and successful one year. This small and affordable HDMI stick and its streaming method of all your favorite shows, music and games are so simple that you can enjoy a lot.

Chromecast has been very famous among people who are using it. Those who still have to decide on it should have a lot of questions about this little HDMI dongle. We have tried to cover all inquiries regarding it.

How does this device work?

Using applications from your mobile device and computer, you actually hands off or convert to Chromecast. Applying the information you get about what you want to see, the Chromecast searches all materials on the Internet and transmits them directly to your TV. This way the resources of your phone or tablet does not get engulfed with streaming tasks and can save battery life in a simpler way. Your mobile device and your computer will be the remote control for the Chromecast.

What devices work with Chromecast?

Chromecast can run on all Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads and Chrome for Windows and Mac. BlackBerry and Windows phones have bad luck when it comes to Chromecast. But recently, a new application called Tube Cast was created that provides some limited YouTube functionality on Windows phones through Chromecast.

Google opened its software development kit, which gives developers a route to handle “second screen interactions” and make their Chromecast applications enabled. Everything you love is now on your TV, which is what you can say when we talk about Chromecast. It works with a growing number of applications, including some celebrities such as Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube, WatchESPN, Hulu Plus and much more. You can also reflect your own Android phone or tablet to the attached television and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. If you are working on your laptop, you can convert any website into Chrome. This is as simple as that.

The use of Chromecast has become very easy that can be used with the devices you already have included in smartphones, tablets and laptops. Chromecast is automatically updated and adds applications that are recently introduced by Google. So you don’t have to worry at all just sit back and enjoy together with your friends and family.

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In “HK Web Services” we dedicate all our experience to the needs of our customers. If your need is to build the most creative and unique Chromecast application we are the best solution for you. Our developers can serve you exactly what you want, using the best available technologies and resources. Contact us to create something better in class.


Apple TV App Development

How can the best Apple TV application serve your customers and customers?

Everyone knows what Apple TV is, but we are still going to start with a small introduction of this super gadget. Apple TV is an amazing product from Apple Inc., which is a third generation digital media player and a Micro Console. It is a small and practical network device and a device that entertains everyone at the base. This device receives digital data and information from various sources and to play on the big screen that transmits to a capable TV.

This Apple TV is a kind of a set-top box that is connected to a wide-screen HDTV via an HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the TV. Everything is controlled by an Apple remote control or by a “remote” application on your iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch. WiFi plays a vital role when we talk about Apple TV. Because you receive digital content from the iTunes Store or iTunes apps using AirPlay. You can also play your favorite shows directly from Netflix, iTunes Store, YouTube, etc., so it’s a great animator for everyone.

We, “HK Web Services” are here to give you a complete guide for Apple TV. Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions for this device.

1) How to set up your new Apple TV manually?

By following some simple steps, you can set up your new Apple TV.

First, connect your Apple TV to the TV. Select the language with which you feel comfortable. That you can select your wireless network from the given options. Enter the correct password and send it. Once you are connected to the wifi, you will be asked if you want to collect data in order to improve your products. Now you can see the main screen and you can start using it as you wish.

2) If any application that I installed unexpectedly stops what should I do?

For example, your Facebook does not work. You can follow the steps below.

# Close the application and open it again.

# Turn off the device and restart it.

# Make sure you are using the latest version of that application and if not you check the latest available updates and update it there and then.

# Remove the application and download the same application again.

3) Are third-party applications coming for Apple TV?

Apple is very committed to launch SDK for third-party applications for Apple TV. Previously, developers had also installed SDK for testing purposes so they can develop games and other applications as they are doing for iPad, iPhone and iWatch. So Apple TV can be one of the gadgets for which developers are curious to create applications.

4) Is there anything specific for Windows users to need to do or know before using Apple TV?

The Apple TV is specially designed for Apple MAC and Windows operating system by using iTunes. To use Apple TV by Windows users, they just have to meet the requirements to run Apple TV.

5) What channels do I get with Apple TV?

Technically, Apple TV has no television channels. But rather there are content providers such as Apple, any iOS application that supports AirPlay, Netflix, Flickr, HBO, YouTube, VEVO, Vimeo, etc., through all these you can enjoy at any time your favorite programs, games and much more using your WiFi.

6) How to check for software updates on Apple TV, manually?

Go to the main menu and click on settings. Now click on general. After that Scroll down the list and press the “software updates” option. Now click on the update software. If there is an update available that can be installed and if not the message will be displayed as “your Apple TV is updated” so these were some frequently asked questions related to Apple TV. This device looks very promising.

Why "HK Web Services" is your best choice for Apple TV application development?

They have also released the updated version with very innovative and improved features. In “HK Web Services” We are very ready to build third-party applications for Apple TV. Feel free to contact us for your free quote.



The future of the digital media player and streaming device

Amazon has begun its approach to the streaming party with the declaration of the new third-generation digital media player and a $ 100 Micro Console called Fire TV to meet all your viewing and entertainment needs. It is built to transmit digital audio / video content to a high-definition and screened television. This device provides the facilities to play video games with a remote control specially designed to play video games. It is definitely a rival for Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. But here are some things you should know about Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon chose three strengths in which its competitors Roku Player, Apple TV and Chromecast do poorly, which is an optimized search, application performance and closed ecosystem. As explained above, it is a device that you need to connect to a TV that is activated in an open Android system and comes with several applications such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and much more. We can sum it all up in one word about this amazing Amazon Fire TV and that is “easy.” Everything from the search, watching your favorite programs to play video games and so on is so easy that you would love to use it again and again.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting specifications of Fire TV

This small black box comes with a quad-core processor and its own exclusive GPU. Its dual band wifi mime and 2GB of RAM increase the speed of the Roku player, Apple TV and Chromecast three times. 1080P transmission and Dolby digital surround sound through HDMI OUT are some of the specifications it supports. The design of this Fire TV is incredibly thin and elegant that looks amazing while using.

Fire TV has voice search function. It works very well and fast. When you say for example “Taylor Swift” then it will show everything this artist has done incredibly quickly.

Stream the photos from your mobile device to the connected TV. That is also a nice feature but not different from competitors. Fire Tv has another interesting feature called X-rays, which tell you all about the actors and movies you are watching through IMDB on your phone or Tablet.

Now let’s talk about the funniest feature of this TV that is the karaoke screen. Show the lyrics directly on your TV of each song and you can sing the song along with the music with joy.

Another better part of Fire TV is its gaming experience. He has introduced some amazing games of EA, Disney and much more. You can play the game with a dedicated remote to which purely designed to play video games that also resemble your old console controller. You can get 1000 coins from Amazon along with the purchase of that remote control that sells for $ 40 by Amazon.

This device works in “Mojito” 3.0 version of the Android based operating system that is well paired with Android Jellybean 4.2.2 version. That will surely simplify that developers start their applications and games and run on this Fire TV.

How to get support to build the supreme Amazon TV applications?

We at “HK Web Services” are fully capable of making amazing applications and games for this truly fascinating device. All the best work for us will surely surprise you. Contact us to give us a fair opportunity to work with you.