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A benefit of switching to PHP is that it is a free software based on its own license, added to this, the language can be adaptable with most web servers to a site built in PHP, leaving behind those problems of other software, that not possessing this characteristic cause future problems. Most operating systems or platforms accept PHP as independent, so you not only get it for free, but you can also use PHP without worrying about whether or not it is compatible with servers, operating systems or platforms.

 “Ensuring compatibility means that your e-commerce site can run smoothly most of the time.”

The great advantage that PHP offers is that you can accommodate web content management systems based on PHP. For example, your e-commerce system could be using Joomla! and it will be perfectly compatible with the PHP-based site. It also works in optimal conditions for the Moodle content manager.

Many e-commerce businesses need some type of web content management system, so it is better to choose one of the above or find new suggestions to take full advantage of the development of your PHP coded website. If you decide to join the PHP family and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to serve you!

Why does your company need a PHP based web solution?

For those who do not know this new system, PHP is a web development language that has been widely adopted worldwide by multiple websites, as it is ideal for applying programming functions in a generalized way.

There are currently millions of websites that run with the PHP language,

Its advantages include that it is a language that facilitates smooth operations with other PHP-based websites.

If you are looking for a developer to make a web solution with this system, Hk Web Services is YOUR BEST OPTION!




CakePHP is actually a web application framework, very useful for commercial applications. It was founded in the PHP web development language and got its inspiration from Ruby on Rails.

  CakePHP allows you to create new web applications without having to use excessive code, this is ideal to make the development simpler but faster when it is executed.

“Many business owners do not have the time to learn all the coding of CakePHP so you can always hire the technical support of” HK We Services “we will facilitate everything for you.”

It is important to note that CakePHP was founded in PHP and therefore does not contain YAML or XML files, which makes CakePHP a simple working tool, based on the creation of the database.

You can rely on CakePHP conventions, as it has an application development guide, which shows a list of the components you should use, and if that were not enough it provides you with other needs such as authentication, validation, caching, access to databases of data and translations.

If we talk about security, CakePHP is the best option, because it has its own tools for XSS protection, SQL injection protection, form manipulation prevention, CSRF protection and input validation.

It is worth investing your time and effort in CakePHP, without having to leave work or home. You just need a good Internet connection and of course a computer with the right hardware to make this feasible. On the other hand you can hire help from “HK Web Services” to do the coding and the experts will also train you with their knowledge so that you can follow the progress of Web application development.

“Whether you’re looking for training or a workshop., We invite you to attend the CakeFest held every year for the benefit of fans and developers of the CakePHP framework.”

Your business may need the CakePHP Framework


There is literally a global community of CakePHP developers that you can trust, they will provide you with their knowledge, skills and experiences, so don’t worry if you encounter problems with the Web application.

You can also request assistance from the Cakes Development Corporation.

If you find that CakePHP has been useful for your business, you might even consider making a regular donation to the Cake Software Foundation that promotes further development of the CakePHP system. Donations can start from $ 1



How the Yii framework can be used for application development in three simple steps: If you are thinking of creating Web 2.0 applications (you want to create new websites that allow visitors and users to interact with each other dynamically), the Yii framework could Be the solution to this problem. Yii really is based on the PHP web programming language and was designed to significantly reduce the development time of the web application. If you are convinced that the Yii framework is what you need, take note of these three steps to develop the application: First, you must develop the database. Second, activating the Yii framework will make the PHP base code required. Then you can modify this code until you get the results you need. The Yii is an open source system, so you will not have to pay for the license to use it freely. The main benefit of trusting this process is its easy coding, it is done cleanly and you can even reuse it when necessary. With Yii you don’t have to use the frame features if you don’t think they are really necessary. Yii’s support is strong because it is strong cache., Its application was created to be used in close collaboration with AJAX (also known as asynchronous JavaScript and XML), also for the development of web applications whose purpose is to obtain the best of both systems. If we talk about security in Yii, you will find extensive features such as: prevention of cross-site scripting, SQL injection, output filtering and input validation. The biggest advantage and using Yii is that you can make even complicated web 2.0 applications within a tight calendar to meet your deadlines. If you want to try this optimal application in its latest version, click the download link that you will see below: If you are already familiar with other web programming frameworks, you may feel relieved to learn that Yii was actually inspired by several popular applications, including Jquery, Ruby on Rails, Prado, Joomla!, And Symfony, which can help you. and Adapt faster to Yii herself.

Yii is an open source object oriented component based on MVC PHP

If you are not an experienced web developer, you may have limitations and ignorance to handle the application.

But don’t worry, you can hire “Hk Web Services” to be your key developer. and with the help of the “Hk Web Services” team, you will not have to worry about not meeting the due date, since the learning period does not match the period in which you are working.



Why Joomla It may be your preferred content management system



Today you can ask yourself this question, why should I choose Joomla for my content management system? “Then I can answer you, Joomla! It is one of the most popular CMS in the entire market, and of course it is based on the PHP language , which means that it can be used on your PHP-based website without problems.The Joomla! Extension Directory offers more than 6,000 free and commercial extensions that you can use or you can use other sources to get even more extensions if you prefer. Joomla! Has also been awarded the PACKT Publishing Open Source Content Management System award three times, demonstrating its powerful influence in the world of CMS.

Could Joomla work in your business? Before making the decision to apply this tool for your business you should know: It is easy to install, since many Web hosts provide strong support to Joomla! Web applications. Some Web hosts may even specialize in Joomla! so it can be relatively easy to find the correct instructions for the installation and maintenance of any project carried out with Joomla. It is an easy system to install and maintain, so you have less to worry about and you can let Joomla! do your job (which is to manage the content of your website). If you are not sure how to do Joomla! Web applications, I recommend that you hire “HK Web Services” to help you get the best job and enable you to use the system.

It is important to note that some extensions to make Joomla! they can be components, plugins, templates, modules and languages. Content management will involve monitoring the activity of each component of your website, regardless of the component you have. This means Joomla! It will be in charge of your videos, audio files, simple text, videos, photos and other important content. Because, Joomla! It is a very easy to use CMS. If you want to learn how to use it quickly and you are looking for more guidance, you can use “HK Web Services” your team will train you to get the best result.

Joomla is a free and open source CMS for publishing web content

Friend reader, CMS is not just for business applications. Even non-profit institutions and individuals can rely on this CMS to facilitate the management of their websites. So if you are running a commercial site, a personal blog, or nonprofit activities on your website, Joomla! It may be the CMS you need.



WordPress the number one leader in website creation


WordPress is the best ally to create a website based on a blog, it does not matter if you do not know any coding language (or even what is a code) when making your site with WordPress you will have easy tools to work, that is why He currently becomes the favorite of many bloggers worldwide. You can easily register and make a blog account TOTALLY FREE for free, to start and then pay for a more complete version to get an ideal website to work and compete with the great websites around the world.

WordPress is very easy to use, you just have to go to its official page, create your blog account and provide the correct information, filling your personal data, then you must choose the theme of the blog for your site (WordPress will give you a list with multiple options ). If you find that there are themes that you want to change you can get an experienced developer like “HK Web Services“, they will help you to adjust the HTML, CSS and PHP code of the theme until you have the desired result for your site. Web. Keep in mind that there are some sites on the web that offer custom and customizable themes applicable for use in WordPress. Project

 WordPress is currently positioned as one of the best creators of websites, over the years it has won multiple awards and despite its criticisms regarding security features, you can still rely on its plugins however you must update plugins, themes or installation codes to protect your site from Web attacks, it is also recommended to refrain from getting themes and plugins from sites that have dubious security issues.

Finally, it is necessary to take steps to change your default administrator account and thus access your own file so that your blog site remains secure even when facing SQL injection attacks or of any kind such as Hackers who intend to access your confidential files.

We will build amazing WordPress website together!

Many business owners recognize the benefits of obtaining a WordPress account for SEO purposes. If you want advice to create your site and update your plugins, do not hesitate to contact “HK Web Services” – experts in handling WordPress to help you find the right plugins in the database. Remember that Plugins are useful to change the content or appearance of your blog site to be more compatible with SEO, thus positioning your website in the first places of search engines.



Many Organizations choose Drupal

When we talk about Drupal, we mean an open source CMS (content management system), which currently becomes a favorite of many well-known websites, including those run by the United States government and many major corporations. But not only can it be used by large companies, if you only want to create a personal blog site it is possible to obtain this free CMS as a GNU download (General Licensed Publication.)

If you have used another CMS before, you will find that some of the main features of Drupal are similar or common with other CMS. Some key examples are: the registration of user accounts, the maintenance of user accounts, the RSS feed, the management of menus, its method to customize page layout and even system administration.

This means that if you already know how to work with CSM you can easily adapt to Drupal, with the system you could be making a blog site with multiple users and developing a discussion forum for the community (This may be the reason why this CMS is useful for important institutions such as the United States government).

If you want to trust Drupal as your CMS, you must have the appropriate tools that are: Having a PHP-based Web server and a related database for your configuration and content, you also have to obtain PHP 4.4.0 for the Drupal version 6, and at least one PHP for Drupal version 7.

“Drupal is a multi-award-winning CMS even if it is open source and is continually being developed by the Drupal user community. It is currently used by more than 910,000 websites (according to August 2013 figures). If you want to stay ahead of the Pack, stay tuned when Drupal 8 is released – for now, that version of CMS is still being developed. “

Drupal is an easy-to-install open source framework for Windows

Because Drupal is a free CMS, the system has an open source community, so you can get support from many users when there are aspects of the CMS you want to modify. It is very easy to install Drupal on your website, but if you run into problems or just want more guidance, you can contact “HK Web Services” to do the installation and management of CMS, by choosing “HK Web Services” be sure that your CMS will work more fluidly, thus preventing downtime due to technical delays or other impediment to work.



Sencha touch your best option to create mobile applications

If you are looking to create a new mobile application that runs with BlackBerry, iOS or Android devices, you may need the Sencha touch web application framework, since these devices must be based on web standards such as HTML 5, CSS3 which in compatibility with Sencha touch they work perfectly. The advantage for developers is that web applications that work with this framework can work as native applications when used in browsers.

The key to the merger between the application and the framework is that the user interface itself is modified by the developer through the user interface framework or the Sencha touch library. Do not worry but you understand this language well, you can consult the services of “HK Web Services” and you will become an expert.

If you make the decision to work with this framework, you should know that the latest version of the Framework is Sencha touch 2.2.1 was released in April 2013 and can be used in Mobile Safari, Windows 8 IE10, Windows Phone 8, Kindle Fire browser, Bada mobile browser, BlackBerry 10, the Android version of Google Chrome, and the Android browser. (The Tizen browser has only preliminary support of the latest version of Sencha touch, while Firefox Mobile is still not supported.) Sencha touch is based entirely on JavaScript and has a GPLv3 commercial license.

 If you are new to this type of mobile application development, Sencha Touch will make all the performance of your mobile application much easier and faster, just make sure you get the commercial license even before you start writing codes and more if you have the intention to sell your mobile application to the public after development.

“Sencha touch itself is available for free, even if you want to use it to make applications commercially but you may need a paid OEM license if you plan to embed Sencha touch inside your SDK or application generator” if you have any doubts do not hesitate to write to “HK Web Services.”

Sencha Touch is a JavaScript library and framework user interface

The experts of “HK Web Services” know the distinctions and the most intimate points of making a native application or making a web application for mobile devices, that’s why we want to give you this little piece of information: “The key behind the difference with Sencha touch is that It relies on hardware acceleration to make use of an attractive mobile application for users, regardless of which mobile device is being used.



Windows.Net for clients like You!

Before you start, you need to know what “.net” is: It is a software framework that you may also find as a NET Framework. It works by running the Microsoft Windows operating system, and its great advantage is that it is compatible with a range of different programming languages. This means that you can run .net in any of those programming languages ​​without worrying about the code being rejected. Since the .net is based on Windows, many new applications that are based on the Windows operating system platform are fully compatible with the .NET Framework. you integrate Windows.Net Development.

 With the .NET Framework you don’t have to worry, if you install new applications on the existing system and they have to interact with the previous applications that had already been installed, then .Net will allow both the old and the new to interact and coexist in it system. “also if you install a new software, you can do it without problems”

“Regarding security, .net offers you a standardized internal structure for each of the applications, which will protect you from those malicious software that tries to enter your application system.”

Make your software and application unique with our Windows .net experts

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